Our Founders - Cairn

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Our Founders

The idea for Cairn was hatched while Jared and Rob were classmates at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. They studied creative retail strategies focused on industries such as clothing, pets and food. Noting that none of these had translated to the outdoor industry, and sharing a passion for the outdoors, Rob and Jared founded Cairn to disrupt the way outdoor brands and consumers interact.


Co-Founder & CEO
Rob Little founded Cairn in early 2014. Prior to Cairn, Rob worked as an operations engineer at Lockheed Martin and spent two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Latin America.  During his occasional breaks from Cairn, Rob can be found backpacking, skiing, biking, and paddle boarding with friends, his wife Betsey, and their Cairn terrier, Rocco.


Co-Founder, CTO/COO
Prior to Cairn, Jared spent 10 years at Apple, most recently helping launch the Apple Watch. Outside of Cairn, Jared loves to spend time running and golfing as well as camping, skiing, and hiking with his wife Rebecca, and their daughters, Chloe and Hazel.