For a limited time, get your first box FREE with a 6+ month box subscription.

For a limited time, get your first box FREE with a 6+ month box subscription.

This month, we've teamed up with Ignik to give FOUR randomly selected subscribers a Sustainable Warmth Package, valued at $299.97 each!  Take the warmth with you, wherever your adventures lead. Ignik brings fresh innovation and environmentally thoughtful design to outdoor heating products.

Each Ignik Sustainable Warmth Package includes:

Gas Growler Deluxe

  • One Gas Growler fill costs about the same as one single-use green bottle and lasts 5 times as long.
  • Includes a 4’/1.2M hose that attaches to all heaters and stoves that use the single-use green propane bottles.
  • The Gas Growler complies with DOT specifications 4BA, 4BW and 4E. It is safe to transport in your car, SUV, RV, or boat.
  • Rugged protective case with room for hose and wrench storage.

2-in-1 Heater Stove

  • 2-in-1 design provides easy to use, portable cooking and heat solutions
  • for all your outdoor needs.
  • Adjustable heat from 4,000 BTU/hr to 10,000 BTU/Hr means plenty of
  • heat for any cold-weather activity, like hunting, fishing or tailgating.
  • Compatible with IGNIK’s Gas Growler products.

Hand Warmer, 30 Pairs

  • Re-usable Temperature Regulation Envelope lets you control your heat.
  • Up to 10 hours of heat from each warmer (2 inside).
  • Safe, comfortable, natural heat from natural minerals and oxygen.
  • 98% Biodegradable. Contents can be composted after use
Ignik makes high-quality, environmentally thoughtful heating products for the wilderness. They enable more folks to get outside earlier and remain outside longer.


How to Participate

Active Cairn subscribers are automatically entered to win!

What to Look For

A special Adventure Upgrade box with a "You've Won" announcement inside!

How to Redeem

Take a picture of yourself with the "You've Won" announcement and tag us on social media.