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Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have been updated!

Man doing karate kick


A high school student chooses to teach karate to a unique set of students. If Valentine's Day makes your heart turn cold each year, it's about to get seriously warmed up.

Person standing next to outdoor heating system


Yes, the right gear can keep you cozy warm in the great outdoors and can be designed with environmental impact in mind. This month's Adventure Upgrade prize package from Ignik sets the standard for sustainable warmth.

Bench in park made of fallen tree


A perpetual concern about common spaces like parks is how to get people to care for a space that "belongs" to all. Turns out, having the simplest stake in a place can do the trick. 


When life handed Hayden Peters a message that could send his path in two very different directions, he returned to this experience again and again to regain balance in the most extreme unknown.

Person wearing shorts in the snow


The winter to guy in shorts ratio.

10 things I wish my outdoorsy white friends knew.

5 tasty snacks you can forage in the city (no, not from the 7-Eleven).

6 tiny adventures to boost your mood.


"I'm going skiing with a big smile on my face."

- Barbara Corcoran, Shark on Sharktank last week after signing a deal with mountainFLOW Eco-Wax, a product featured in a January 2019 Cairn Collection