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Free Shipping in the US for all subscriptions!

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The first step to spending time in nature? Knowing where to go. Not a simple thing to accomplish as a kid living in the heart of a big city. One field trip can be a spark.

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Fear of commitment is a natural feeling for many people entering into a relationship...with a new piece of outdoor gear. That's why we created KittedTM. Get a rundown of our newest program from the experts at GearJunkie.

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From a professional athlete who pulls through to victory after a typically career-ending injury to a colleague that thrives during an unpredictable merger, we've all seen these people and wondered "How did they push through that?" Scientists have found that these three qualities are key.

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Filmmaker, outdoor host, and cyclist Ryan Van Duzer sums up 15 years of riding around the country with this five-minute film and it is seriously joy-inducing.

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4 Animated series (and 1 manga) that celebrate the Great Outdoors

How to talk to people about their favorite outdoor activity

5 New outdoorsy podcasts to explore

Tent footprint: What is it and why do you need one?


"There is a random guy on Tinder telling me that The Office is the best show ever made. I've never watched an episode."


- Cairn Subscriber review of Rumpl Stuffable Pillowcase.

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