Free Shipping in the US for all subscriptions!

Free Shipping in the US for all subscriptions!

How to Solve a Problem


"I am Ashima. What I do is climb. What I do is solve problems, which is to say, I make them mine.”  So begins the new children's book by Ashima Shiraishi who, at just 19 years old, is one of the best climbers in the world. So, why would a young climbing champ write a children's book?

Escape to Nature


Who doesn't need an escape right now? Enter to win your own weekend Getaway in one of their unique tiny cabins nestled in nature nationwide. Plus you'll score the gear and gift cards to get you there (including a Cairn Obsidian Collection)! Enter now

Drover Route


Vicariously bikepack the Drovers Trail, retracing the footsteps of the cattle drovers on their journey along Scotland's most important cattle market in the end of the 17th century.

Situational Awareness


You've seen it. You're out on a trail and it seems that every person you pass is completely unaware that you exist, and not because they're engrossed in nature. As more people turn to outdoor recreation, not everyone has learned the importance of situational awareness. Or how it can build community. Instead of scowling at them, here are some thoughts on educating (and welcoming) by example.

Dogs at Play


Sometimes you just need to look at pictures of dogs playing.

Uncle Bunky gets a viral obituary and now a namesake beer.

Save the date for Outdoor Afro's Virtual Glamp In.

Outdoorsy board games for a rainy day.