Happy Camp Essentials

March 24, 2020 | 3 comments

Happy Camp

The Cairn Crew has amassed approximately 3 million combined hours of camping under our belts, and we wouldn’t have made it this far if we hadn’t perfected our happiness quotient while camping. Whether you're planning a future camping adventure or "home camping" in your backyard or living room, we've found that a few essential items can exponentially increase the happiness factor at camp.

Check out the Cairn Crew's must-pack items for elevating the happiness at camp, for themselves and their campmates. We've also included specific product suggestions and links to items that have been featured in Cairn Collections. 

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Campfire S'mores

Reid, Product Guru

Gear recommendation: French press and a quickboil stove

"There is nothing quite as great as waking up in a beautiful campsite, smelling the coffee roasting, and sipping a fresh brewed cup to start the day."

Cairn featured product: MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Mini Stove System and Cofo Provisions Collagen MCT Mix (Mix into coffee for a next-level start to your day).

Ashley, Brand Hero

Gear recommendation: Cornhole

"You can't have a happy campsite without a little friendly competition! It's also a great way to meet neighboring campers."

Revel Trail Hounds Camp Light

Kelly, Head of Brand Creative

Gear recommendation: Amazing snacks and camplights

"My camp trips generally revolve around days that border on type 2 fun and no one wants to go to bed with the sun after spending the day earning endless snacks, plus around these parts you can't always have a campfire to keep the conversation flowing."

Cairn featured product: Honey Stinger Organic Waffles and Revel Gear Trail Hound 30 Ft. Camping Light

Holden Puffy Slips

Hollie, Marketing Guru and Matt, Accountant (Two votes for this one!)

Gear recommendation: Puffy camp slippers

"They make morning coffees taste even better, evening happy hours happier, and campfire conversations cozier!"

Cairn featured product: Holden Outerwear Puffy Slipper Shoe

Campfire Drinks

Jennifer, Senior Marketing Guru

Gear recommendation: Fantastic beverages and a deck of cards

"Whether it's hot coffee in the morning, swigging wine from a camp mug, or bringing a surprise signature cocktail for sharing - camp beverages are synonymous with happy shared moments in my mind. The deck of cards keeps the fun going and provides the most gaming versatility."

Cairn featured product: EcoVessel Transit Camp Mug and Basecamp Co. Playing Cards (Playing cards with conversation starters on them. Brilliant!)

Rob, Co-CEO

Gear recommendation: Marshmallow Crossbow

He waited until everyone made their recommendation and then completely won the day with this recommendation. No reason needed. It looks amazingly fun though, frankly, I will never endorse wasting marshmallows. 

What is your essential gear for a happy camp? Tell us in the comments!

3 Responses


April 16, 2020

I love all the product recommendations! What would be awesome is if there is a link to be able to purchase the items that your awesome staff has recommended. Maybe set up a way that you all can get a kickback for purchases that are made originating from your site. I know that detracts from your original sites intent with the subscriptions (which I love by the way). But just a possibility for additional revenue stream or at least helping out some of these great product makers be able to have additional sales during this challenging time!

Keep up the awesome work! And I love all the products and articles you all highlight!


Mike locascio
Mike locascio

April 16, 2020

Awesome light weight supper comfy chairs!!! You have to have a chair with great back support so you can relax around the fire. Stools leave the back aching.

Randall Brown
Randall Brown

April 16, 2020

A flask or two. Filled with high quality bourbon.

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