Backpacker Deluxe


$ 189.95


The Deluxe Kitchen Kit sets you up with high performance, high flavor essentials for your backcountry kitchen for two.

Featuring radiant burner technology in a windproof, modular design, this stove system offers backpacking duos the ultra-efficient performance they want on minimalist, pace-pushing trips, with the versatility to customize their cooking experience. The stove’s enclosed burner and pressure regulator deliver fast-boil meals and fast-brewed coffee in challenging conditions that can slow down other stoves. The included 1.8 L pot is perfectly sized for two, and nests all system components for easy packing. Full kit weighs 1 lbs 5 oz.

Enjoy clean and safe drinking water wherever you roam with the ultra-compact, lightweight, reusable Sawyer Micro Squeeze Water Filtration System. With a total field weight of 2 ounces, this tiny filter fits in the palm of your hand. While small in size, the powerful Micro Squeeze removes 99.99999% of bacteria (salmonella, cholera and E. coli), 99.9999% of protozoa (cryptosporidium and giardia), and 100% of microsplastics — exceeding EPA recommendations for removal rates.

Say goodbye to silly spoons-with-tines that don't work as either a spoon or a fork. The Uno is built with smarter ends, including a spoon deep enough to slurp soup and low-curvature edges to scrape container walls. The fork has tines long enough to twirl spaghetti and "splitter tines" on each edge for easy soft-food splitting. The unique U-shaped head orientation also makes Uno much more comfortable to hold compared to competitive combination tools that poke and jab you. The Ti-Uno sports a profile that takes advantage of the lightweight and incredible strength of titanium.

As Packtowl's handiest, most compact quick-drying microfiber towel, the Nano is surprisingly versatile. The smooth texture is perfect for drying faces and hands, wiping off glasses and ski goggles, and cleaning up your backcountry kitchen. The ultra-compact design means you can throw one in a pocket, or even clip to your backpack, for any situation where a little absorbency goes a long way. Dries over 90% faster than comparable cotton towels.

The Heather's Choice mission is to provide healthy, nutrient-rich meals and snacks for adventurers worldwide. They source high-quality, whole foods ingredients to create packable, dehydrated provisions. They strive to inspire adventure, health, sustainability and self-sufficiency. Meal options include Variety (one of each dinner, breakfast, Packaroon), Vegetarian (two African Peanut Stew Dinners and one of each breakfast and Packaroon), Non-Vegetarian (two Chicken Mole with Rice Dinners and one of each breakfast and Packaroon).


Like you, the team at Cairn believes that being outside replenishes the soul, and the excitement of holding new gear is like opening a door and letting yourself out. Our delivery of curated outdoor gear, accessories, and apparel is a reminder that what matters most to you is just outside.

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