Free Shipping in the US for all subscriptions!

Free Shipping in the US for all subscriptions!


Premium Meals Bundle

Enjoy a bundle of delicious meals from Campfare! Packaging may vary, see photos. Expiraton: 07/2021

Campfare's Wild Alaskan Salmon is sustainably caught in the icy waters off of the Alaskan coast. It is alder wood smoked and then cooked with garlic and black pepper spices. A great healthy protein option. Cold smoked and filled raw so that essential  O-3 oils are packed in with the filet!

Our Brown Rice and Red Quinoa is made from quality grains, seasoned and cooked with pink beans, fresh onions and garlic. It's a satisfying dish on it's own or the perfect side dish to pair with any of our offerings! Boost your kcal count and round out your meals! 

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