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FREE SHIPPING on all subscriptions within the US!

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Knowledge is the best piece of equipment you can carry. Colter Co. is about developing the knowledge and skills that will make your time outdoors more fulfilling. While there are lots of exciting new developments in outdoor gear and technology, some of the most basic skills are just as relevant and necessary as ever. They are dedicated to making sure the skills your Grandfather learned from his Grandfather make their way to the next generation.

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Craft Thermal Gloves

Ever been out in the cold and seen a real live Sasquatch, but didn’t want to risk frostbite to take a photo? Problem solved! With touchscreen compatibility, thermoregulating properties, moisture transport, and ergonomic fit for optimal freedom of movement, these gloves have got you (er, your hands) covered.

Product Details:

  • Running gloves with ergonomic fit and great thermoregulating properties.
  • Ergonomic fit for optimal freedom of movement
  • Great moisture transport and warming properties