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Why We Like It

A great-tasting, all-natural energy gel based on the chia mix used by Tarahumara Indians of Mexico - also known as “the Running People.” All-natural ingredients for happy stomachs. The Huma Gel chia seed blend increases carbohydrate absorption, which gives you long, sustained energy rather than a sugar spike.



  • Ground Chia Seeds: Fiber content modulates carbohydrate absorption = no sugar spike + steady release of energy.
  • Sea Salt: Sodium to potassium ratio comparable to major electrolyte formulations.
  • Citric Acid: Reduces physiological stress and attenuates physical fatigue.
  • Cane Sugar + Brown Rice Syrup: Glucose to fructose ratio increases carbohydrate absorption. Contains NO maltodextrin.
  • Fruit: No need for lab flavoring. Real food for a real flavor.
  • Extra Water: Higher % water content = smooth consistency, less dehydration.

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