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Why We Like It

The taste and tenderness of this jerky put it on the top of the Cairn Crew's outdoor (or really anytime) snack list. But the quality, simple ingredients and values of KivaSun score their Bison Jerky major bonus points. It's made fresh using thick, whole muscle premium bison that contains no antibiotics or added hormones. It's a great source of protein from a company you can feel good about supporting.


KivaSun Values: Respect the land. Revere the food. Gather together.

KivaSun Foods was founded by Notah Begay III, a Native American, four-time PGA Tour winner and founder of The NB3 Foundation, a federally recognized non-profit designed to battle obesity and Type 2 diabetes in Native American youth. KivaSun is a Native owned, all-natural food company with the mission of showcasing Native American sourced food products to a global audience.

Product Features:

Subtle flavor is added using healthy and simple ingredients that leave the jerky with a “soft bite” that is tender and full of flavor. Bison are an excellent source of lean protein and can be a great addition to a healthier diet and lifestyle. An integral part of the ecological process, so in addition to being good for us, they are good for the environment.


  • Lean Cut
  • High Protein
  • No Hormones
  • No Nitrates
  • Antibiotic Free
  • No MSG

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