FREE SHIPPING on all subscriptions within the US!

FREE SHIPPING on all subscriptions within the US!

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Balanced nutrition and naturally delicious flavor from organic whole fruits and veggies, packaged to be refreshing anytime and anywhere you want it. Think about all of the times you wish you had a ripe piece of fruit – bike rides, flights, racing between meetings. NOKA can be with you in all of those occasions without a stop at the smoothie bar. Our smoothie packs retain the natural refreshing quality of fruits and veggies, so eating a NOKA is like biting into a ripe mango.

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NOKA Mango Coconut

Mango and coconut go together like mountains and stokedness. A sweet blend of organic mango, banana, coconut, Camu Camu, flaxseed, and brown rice protein nourishes you with vitamin C, antioxidants and vital Omega-3s. Now that is one nutritional powerhouse of a pouch.