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Why We Like It

Why keep buying new goggle lenses when you can protect the lens you already have? This anti-fog universal lens protector keeps your goggles optically clear and protected from common wear and tear incidents like wiping ice off your lens, debris from rough terrain, branches in the glades, and clumsiness at the lodge.


Ripclear’s universal shape works with any lens, cylindrical or spherical, to ensure your vision is optically clear and protected from wear and tear. Tested in the most extreme conditions, your goggle lenses will be protected from the damage riders of every experience level encounter on and off the mountain.

For peak performance on the mountain, you need to see the terrain around you as clearly as possible so with Ripclear on your lens you’ll keep your lenses fresh and clear long after your first run. Off the mountain, we’ve all dropped or scratched our lens when traveling or hanging out in the lodge, so next time you travel use Ripclear and hit an epic pow day scratch free!

Spherical Lens Protector - 1 Pack Medium Reviews