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XTENEX Accu-Fit Adjustable Compression Laces feature enlarged (auto- blocking) knots that can be manually reduced in diameter size by stretching the lace apart where the reduction is needed, either for lacing or adjustment, release to set your compression preference. Knots create an adjustable compression zone between each set of eyelets to provide a tuned ergonomic fit.

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XTENEX XH-Series Hybrid Laces

We all get a little upset when our pants seem to shrink two sizes after a big meal. Well, our feet feel the same way out on the trail. XTENEX has created innovative compression laces designed to mold and hold the footwear fit that you create. Never too tight - never too loose - ALWAYS just right. XH-Series features a self-forming TAPERED Round Knot design, created for the less extreme but still demanding applications.

Less aggressive TAPERED (Hybrid) Knot design makes lacing-up and compression tuning easier and requires only a single directional pull to reduce the blocking knots.

To lace and adjust XH-Series:

TAPERED Round Knots will pass through an eyelet when sufficiently stretched to reduce the blocking knot diameter, select the desired compression index* then release to set, repeat the fitting process at each eyelet to set a radial compression footwear fit.