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FAQ General Information

The price of each item will drop until it reaches a predetermined minimum price threshold. The price you pay for each item is determined by the price indicated at the time you add it to your cart. If an item hasn't been purchased by the time it reaches the minimum price threshold, it will no longer be available for purchase and will disappear from the shop. How low will it go before it's gone? Will someone secure it first? Better hurry...

The items in your cart are NOT RESERVED. They could be purchased by someone else or reach the minimum price threshold and disappear up until the moment you complete your purchase. All UnStacked sales are final.

You don’t have to be a Cairn Subscriber to access UnStacked, but you do need to create a free Cairn Account.

All products are in new condition and are typically small quantities (as little as one item) of products that Cairn has featured in a past collection, product or partnership. Just like the products and categories featured by Cairn, products featured in UnStacked can range from food and small accessories to apparel and footwear to packs and tents. Want to see the kind of products and brand Cairn works with? Explore them here.

We ship to all 50 states and many international addresses. Standard US shipping is $4.95 for orders less than $25, $9.95 for orders between $25 and $75, and is free for orders $75 or more. International shipping varies.

All UnStacked sales are final.


A quick purchase process is essential to securing your desired product in UnStacked, so your payment information will be securely stored for future purchases.
Once you review and confirm your UnStacked purchase, your credit card on file in your account will be charged.


New products will be added regularly each week. Check back frequently so your don’t miss out on great gear and great prices.
A product will disappear when it is purchased or reaches its minimum price threshold, whichever comes first. Products will be live on the site for no longer than one week at a time; however, they can be purchased and disappear at any moment.
The dollar amount between the retail and the minimum threshold price, as well as the time a product will be on the site, dictates how quickly the price will drop. It will be slightly different for each and every product.
Adding a product to your cart reserves the price at the time you clicked “Add to Cart” but it does not reserve the product itself. The product is still available to be purchased by someone else or could meet its minimum price threshold and disappear even if it has been added to your cart. The only way to secure your product is to complete the purchase.
Your UnStacked purchase will ship within 3 business days of your purchase.

FAQ Gear Up Give Back ™ Program

Getting new items from Kitted could mean that older pieces get retired to a bin in the garage or, worse yet, a landfill. Don’t do it! Cairn’s Gear Up, Give Back program launched in 2018 in partnership with The Gear Fix, a used gear repair and sale shop. Simply send in your pre-loved items to the Gear Up, Give Back program where it will be repaired and sold, with net proceeds benefiting Outdoors for All.
Simply place your pre-loved items in your Kitted box (along with any Kitted products, if any, that you’d like to return) and send it back with the enclosed pre-printed shipping label. Need more room or don’t have Kitted packaging? Order a Gear Up, Give Back kit here.
Send in gear or apparel from high quality outdoor brands. It’s ok if the items are in need of minor repair.View a list of examples of items and more details.

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