Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have been updated!

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have been updated!



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*Enter code COTOGIFT at checkout to receive the free Cotopaxi Luzon 24L Del Dia when you sign up for a 6- or 12-Month Cairn Subscription. Color of pack shippped will be random. Not valid for existing subscribers or for gifts. Your Cotopaxi Luzon 24L Del Dia will ship to the shipping address provided upon sign up. 6 and 12-Month subscriptions cannot be cancelled / refunded midterm. Cannot be combined with other offers or applied to orders after they've been placed. Offer available while supplies last.

How It Works

Subscribe to Cairn
Subscribe to Cairn

Choose a monthly or premium quarterly delivery of new outdoor products. Or gift Cairn to your favorite trail buddy.


Receive outdoor products monthly (up to $50 value) or quarterly (up to $350 value), curated for you.


Earn points for reviewing your new gear. Redeem your points in the Cairn Shop for apparel, free boxes, and gifts for friends!

Check out examples of collections and products that we've featured in the past. No, these may not be the exact collections that you'll receive, but they're here to get you stoked for the types of sweet deliveries you can expect as a subscriber.

Sample Monthly Collections

Sample Collection #1
Sample Collection #2
Sample Collection #3
Sample Collection #4
Sample Collection #5
Sample Collection #6
Sample Collection #7
Sample Collection #8
Sample Collection #9
Sample Collection #10

More Than Great Gear

See what members and industry experts have to say about their journey with Cairn.

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“The Best Subscription Service for Gear Enthusiasts and Outdoor Adventurists.”

Men's Journal

"Thanks so much for all of your hard work to make our lives more enjoyable. I love the fact that I can grab my gear and not have to worry about going to the store. These products are high quality and I know anything I receive in my box will be AWESOME!!"

Laura V.
Lakewood, CO
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“Becoming a Cairn subscriber will make you a more engaged, curious, and informed adventurer.”

Outside Magazine

"Cairn is the best way to get awesome new backpacking gear without the headache of going out to the stores! Pretty much everything I've received thus far has found a place in my backpack!"

Trip P.
Guyton, GA
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“Cairn’s subscription boxes regularly deliver the latest gear right to your doorstep.”

Backpacker Magazine

"Excited to see several products that we have received from Cairn rated among the best backpacking products in Backpacker magazine!! Thanks Cairn!"

Kevin N.
Saint Albans, WV
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“GearJunkie has based several reviews on products first discovered through Cairn boxes.”


"I like the variety of gear and the surprises every month. Keep the great gear and surprises coming!"

Ann H.
Omaha, NE

"This is by far the most consistently useful, surprising, and valuable subscription box I've ever had and I don't plan on quitting any time soon. Keep it up!"

Jason L.
Spring Lake, MI

"Always excited for these collections, it's like a present to myself and I can see myself staying on for quite some time."

Eric L.
La Grande, OR

What's Inside Our Collections?

We never spoil the surprise of what new products you’ll discover in your collection, but here are some examples of the types of items you can expect. Oh, and be sure to complete your subscriber profile so we can curate the products that best match your outdoor lifestyle.





Food & Energy

Energy bars
Trail snacks
Drink mixes

Skin Care

Sun products
Insect repellants
Lip balms


First-Aid kits
Fire starters
Navigation tools


  • Can I customize my box?

    When you sign up, you’ll complete a profile about your outdoor activity preferences that will allow us to provide you with appropriate items when variations exist (i.e. size or activity-specific items). While there may be months where everyone receives the same box, most months will have multiple variations. The intent is to put a box in your hand that best represents your recreational interests.

  • When will I get my boxes?

    Your first Cairn Box will arrive 1-2 weeks after you sign up (note that international deliveries can take up to 3 weeks). All following boxes will arrive the middle of the month, with tracking information sent out 3-4 days ahead of time.

    Obsidian subscriptions are shipped the first week of March, June, September, and December. Sign up any time of the year to receive the following collections...

    • March - May | Spring Obsidian
    • June - August | Summer Collection
    • September - November | Fall Collection
    • December - February | Winter Collection

    Depending on your location, Obsidian may be shipped either USPS or FedEx (note that international deliveries can take up to 3 weeks). If you provide a PO Box, we may reach out and request a physical address.

  • When will I be billed?

    When you sign up, you will be charged for the duration you have selected (1-, 6-, or 12-month for our monthly service or every 3-months for our quarterly Obsidian service). All subscriptions* auto renew on the 1st day of their renewal month.

    *One exception: 1-month subscribers who sign up after the 20th of the month, will be billed on the 10th day of their second month. Starting with their third month, they will fall into our standard 1st of the month billing cadence.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes, but we'd hate to see you go. If you decide to say goodbye, the auto-renewal at the end of your current term will be canceled.