How does a subscription to Cairn work?

When you sign up for a subscription (monthly or quarterly), a box will arrive at your door each period starting with the month you sign up in. All subscriptions auto renew at the end of their cycle and can be canceled at anytime by logging into your account and selecting “cancel subscription”. You can also reach out to any of our customer service outlets; email:, phone: 888-878-7044 or chat! Be sure to cancel before the 1st of your billing month to avoid getting billed and shipped that current month’s box.

Does everyone get the same box each month?

While there may be months where everyone receives the same box, most months will have multiple variations. The intent is to put a box in your hand that best represents your recreational interests.

What’s included in a Cairn subscription?

Every month you’ll receive a box of products that cater to an outdoor lifestyle. We work hard to curate new and innovative products that appeal to recreational enthusiasts. We curate from 5 categories: Gear, Apparel, Food/Energy, Skincare, and Emergency/Medical.

Can I select the products for my box?

We are a discovery box! Part of the excitement comes from not knowing what you are going to receive each month. If you have a product you want to see in a future box, we’d love to hear about it. Email us at with your ideas.

We will send sizing according to what's listed on your profile. If the size is left blank, we will send a Men's Large or Women's Medium.

What if there’s a problem with an item in my box?

We are happy to help! Send us an email

What is your return and exchange policy?

We do not have an exchange program with our boxes. If all items in a box are in original condition, the box may be returned to us for a refund. We will not provide shipping for returned boxes.

What is Cairn Obsidian?

Cairn Obsidian is a recurring, quarterly delivery with boxes shipping in March, June, September and December. You will be charged $249.95 on the first day of the shipping month. Cairn Obsidian will have bigger and higher priced items than the monthly box.

Will product overlap with the monthly box and quarterly Cairn Obsidian?

Nope! There will be different product in each box.


When will I be billed for my monthly subscription?

When you sign up, you will be charged for the duration you have selected (1-, 6-, or 12-month for our monthly service or every 3-months for our quarterly Obsidian service). All subscriptions* auto renew on the 1st day of their renewal month.

*One exception: 1-month subscribers who sign up after the 20th of the month, will be billed on the 10th day of their second month. Starting with their third month, they will fall into our standard 1st of the month billing cadence.

How do I update my shipping/billing information?

When you are logged into your account on our website, if you click on “manage subscription” you will see a link that says “edit subscription.” By clicking on that you will be routed to the billing portal, Chargify, where you can update all information. If you get asked to confirm your subscription, be sure to check the box “confirmed”, you will have limited access and not be able to update if you do not confirm subscription.

We’re here to help if you need assistance with logging into the billing portal, Chargify. Email us at

Shipping address changes need to be made by the 1st of each month. We can not guarantee your box will go to the new location if you update after the 1st.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Canceling a subscription will stop all future renewal charges and shipments. You will continue to receive boxes associated with past charges. Canceling your subscription does not refund unsent boxes.

There are two places you can cancel your subscription:

One- log into your account on our website, under manage subscription you will see a “cancel subscription” link.

Two- log into Chargify, the billing portal, and click on “cancel subscription” link. (If you have not confirmed your subscription in Chargify, you will need to confirm the subscription before you can access the cancellation link).

Can I have multiple subscriptions?

Yes, you can sign up for multiple subscriptions under one email address. However the activity preferences will be the same for all subscriptions. If you would like to setup a subscription with someone else’s name, you will want to use their email address so they can have unique preferences and can earn points by leaving product feedback.

Is my credit card and personal information secure?

Absolutely. All payment and sensitive information provided through Cairn is protected with an encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Our site is PCI Compliant and is rigorously tested to ensure the utmost security.


When can I expect my first shipment?

Monthly subscriptions are shipped during the middle of the month (tracking emails are typically sent between the 12th and 17th of each month). If you sign up the second half of the month, you will receive tracking information within 5-7 business days.

Quarterly Obsidian subscriptions are shipped the first week of March, June, September, and December. If you sign up after the 1st week of one of those months, you will receive tracking information within 5-7 business days.

For gift orders, your box will go out within two business days of ordering. If you'd like us to wait to ship your gift until a specific date, leave special shipping instructions in the gift note text box.

For more information on how this will work for your specific order, feel free to email us at

How will my box ship?

Monthly boxes are delivered by the USPS. Obsidian boxes may be delivered by FedEx, UPS, or USPS, depending on where you live.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes! You will be sent a tracking email when your box enters the postal stream.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! If you don't see your country listed during the checkout process, email us at and we'll get you setup. International shipments may take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

What if my box is returned by USPS to Cairn (due to incorrect address or undeliverable location)?

We will contact you via email when we receive the returned box and will hold the box for you to claim within 14 days.


Can I send just one box?

Yes, you can! Just go to the “GIFT” tab and select how many months you would like to send. Feel free to write a note in the special instructions box during checkout. Gift notes will be included in the recipient’s first box!

I have a gift order, can I leave product feedback?

At the moment our system is only set up for those with subscriptions to leave product feedback. It’s one of the many benefits of being a subscriber!

What box will ship first in a gift order?

We select a previously curated box from our existing inventory to ship out immediately. The box selected is based on your gift recipient’s activity preferences.


I have an idea for a future box I'd like to share.

We welcome ideas for future boxes. Please send an email to

I can't log into my account?

Send an email to our customer service team and they can resend you your activation link:

Do you consider food allergies?

At the moment we have a meat or vegetarian option. We realize there are food allergy/dietary restrictions we are not taking into consideration today, but we hope to diversify our options in the future.

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