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What is it?

To say we are obsessed with gear is an understatement. We are committed to bringing you not just the best gear on the market, but also: the newest most innovative, useful, durable and highest performing - all for the best value. We're proud to work with select brands and retailers to present the widest selection of Outside-approved products beyond what we carry in the shop.

If you make a purchase through one of our partners, we may earn a commission from the sale. This allows us to spend more time hunting down the next big thing you can't live without. Commissions do not influence what products or partners we work with in any way. Each partner product still goes through the same rigorous testing process and criteria requirements as the rest of the products available in the Shop.

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Selecting Partners

In our experience, brands with a strong backing mission create premium gear thanks to the passion driving their efforts. We build relationships with our trusted partners because they value high performance, sustainable practices and initiatives, and getting people outside. These personal connections help us better understand the why and how products are made.

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Selecting Gear

We take our role as trusted gear connoisseurs seriously and consider all aspects of handling gear, from first taking it out of the box to maintaining it so you can enjoy it for many adventures. It's important that gear is easy to use, does what it needs to, and lasts a long time. Here are just some of the criteria we examine before featuring a single piece of gear:

  • Quality of construction
  • Design
  • Sustainability
  • Functionality
  • Price
  • Maintenance

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Testing Gear

We have a team of dedicated specialists across the Outside network who are living the dream of testing gear for you. They put every product through rigorous testing before we give it the Outside seal of approval to be featured in our shop, subscription boxes, and partner recommendations. Their knowledge, expertise, and eye for detail are critical for making recommendations we can stand behind. While there is much nuance and subjectivity to gear preferences, we focus on the objective factors in how a piece is constructed to how it performs and share our personal preferences in in-depth reviews and recommendations.


How does the Trusted Partner program work?

Our team vets, tests, and approves brands and products to either sell directly or via affiliate partners in order to provide you with the most robust, curated recommendations. By expanding our assortment to include affiliate partners, we are able to provide you with more brands and products to choose from. We may earn a small commission off sales through our Trusted Partners, but that does not impact our recommendations.

How can I get my product featured in the Outside Shop?

Great to hear you’re interested! Please shoot an inquiry email to

Are you paid to feature brands in the Outside Shop?

Nope! Any brand or product we feature is selected by our team purely because we actually like it. We may earn a small commission off any purchase made, which helps us keep the Trusted Partners program going.

Do you also offer an affiliate program? How can I join?

If you are a publisher and interested in featuring Outside subscription boxes or other products, you can learn more here .