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Why We Like It

X marks the spot with this Noso Patch pack. Fix rips, tears and snags in your favorite gear with a rounded corner X-Patch or a Snowflake. Easy to apply-just peel, stick and add low heat (even the sun works!). Washable, durable and won’t gum up on the sides.

Noso strives to promote reuse and repair to help you keep your gear out of the landfill for good. Give your well-loved gear a second chance!


  • Heat-Activated Technology
    Stick the patches on, then throw your gear in the dryer. The heat activates the adhesive, securing the patch in place.
  • Extend the Life of Your Gear
    Repairs camping gear, sleeping bags, tents, clothing, down jackets—whatever needs a quick patch.
  • Do-It-Yourself Ease
    Easy to apply and use.
  • Durable 
    Withstands extreme weather conditions and repeated washings.

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