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50 Adventures in the 50 States


50 Adventures in the 50 States


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Beautiful illustrations, maps, and infographics bring the places to colorful life.


Prepping for adventure (or on an adventure) with the family.

About This Product

From the award-winning author of National Parks of the USA, Kate Siber, this stunning book showcases an amazing adventure activity to try in every single state. 50 Adventures in the 50 States features gripping outdoors activities, vividly illustrated and described alongside fascinating facts about the nature and geography of each activity location – the very best the U.S.A. has to offer budding young adventurers! Each adventure is illustrated with a beautiful, poster-worthy image, with pull-out facts about how the adventure activity is accomplished and key information about the area’s natural and cultural highlights.


Activities range from the high-octane, such as wind surfing the Gulf Coast in Texas or canyoneering in Utah, to the magical and inspiring, such as soaking in natural hot springs in Idaho, stargazing from a train in Nevada and witnessing the synchronous firefly displays in Tennessee. Wonder at the beauty as you: Walk on an active glacier in Alaska Climb the highest peak in the Northeast in New Hampshire Horseback ride through ancient canyons with a Navajo guide in Arizona Surf the iconic Venice Beach in California


Hardback, 112 Pages

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