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Why We Like It

Triathletes and Olympic champs sing its praises, but all outdoor enthusiasts can appreciate this innovative anti-chafing gel (especially in the heat of summer). An invisible, breathable film creates a waterproof, sweatproof barrier that protects you from the nasty chafing and blisters that can totally spoil a day on the trail.


The silicone-based anti-chafing gel integrates with the upper layer of skin, creating a protective film immediately after application. This strengthens the skin’s cell structure and distributes pressure over a larger area. Chafing, blisters and skin irritations are therefore prevented. When the product is applied repeatedly, the protective layer can be strengthened.

2skin is water and sweat resistant, ultra long lasting and invisible making it suitable for absolutely every area of application – whether it's for sport, day-to-day life or for work.

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