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Why We Like It

Carry power with you wherever the sun shines! Smart, simple features like a kickstand and built-in sundial allow you to align the panel for maximum sun capture. The battery status button and charge strength indicator mean you'll always know where your charge and power supply stand. Plus, a micro USB input means you can fill up your battery before hitting the trail, giving you a head start on your power supply.


Get the most from the sun with the lightweight and portable BioLite SolarPanel 5+. The 2200mAh onboard battery stores energy for later, allowing you to charge devices when you need it most. The USB output power phones, tablets, and BioLite gear with this ultraslim 5-Watt panel.

Product Features:

  • 5 watts of useable power via USB output
  • 360 degree stand featuring Optimal Sun System
  • Integrated 2200mAh on-board battery
  • Dimensions: 10.12” x 8.19” x 0.94”
  • Weight: 13.76 oz

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