Coconut-Lime Margarita Mix 4-pack

BarCountry Cocktails

Created by bartenders, BarCountry’s Pocket Cocktails allow you to quickly and easily enjoy your favorite drinks anywhere in seconds by simply adding water and spirits. The Coconut-Lime Margarita was the favorite flavor of the Cairn Crew (hooray for product testing!), and it’s the perfect sidekick for your outdoor fun. Travel light, save space and have a reward for the end of your adventures.

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These premium dehydrated cocktail mixers have all the ingredients you need to recreate your favorite cocktails in the great outdoors - all you need to add is some water and your favorite liquor. Unlike beer and wine, pocket cocktails are light and portable, making it easy to get a great drink whether you’re camping at a festival or trekking up a mountain.

This is your classic lime Margarita with a Coconut twist, everything from salt to citrus liqueur flavor is included in each pouch so you only need to add water and Tequila. Not a Tequila fan? It's also great with your favorite white spirits. (Vodka, Gin, White Rum, etc.)