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Why We Like It

This innovative, lightweight clip is incredibly strong, and actually grips tighter the harder you pull. It fastens in seconds and detaches only when you want it to with the twist of a coin. So secure that rainfly or tarp and enjoy your time outside, regardless of the weather.


Anyplace you need a grommet-free fastener, whether for a car cover, fabric canopy or plastic banner, there's no clip stronger or more versatile than the indispensable EasyKlip. Their patented Wedge-Lock design delivers superior holding power that produces a tighter grip as the load increases. Supports up to 220 lbs. 

Product Features:

  • Highly effective clips for use on tarps, clear poly sheets, all types of fabric and anytime a method of fastening is required.
  • Unique Wedge-Lock design that actually tightens the clips grip as it is pulled tighter or the load increases
  • These clips perform well on hemmed or on unhemmed plastics and fabrics
  • Simple, fast and effective means of replacing eyelets or creating fixing points, without the need for tools or special skills.

Midi 4101 Tarp Clip Reviews