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Why We Like It

A brand new product for 2021, this is the latest upgrade to the award-winning BioLite FirePit! It creates hyper-efficient flames with patented airflow technology and gives you a front-row seat to the magic (and coziness) thanks to the X-Ray mesh body. With this portable fire pit, you can bring the campfire with you without the smoke. Ask us how it works and we'll tell you magic...the smarties over at BioLite have worked out the details.


Enjoy the warmth, smell, crackle, and feel of a wood campfire, without any of the smoke. Lift the fuel rack and toss in charcoal to transform it from a fire pit to a portable hibachi-style grill, complete with an included grill grate. Control the size of your flames manually or remotely with the free Bluetooth app.

Fuel: Burns firewood or charcoal Upgraded body design radiates heat outward

Upgraded high-temp enamel coating for durability and easy cleaning

Upgraded 12,800 mAh battery for longer burn times

Burn time: 30hr on LOW, 14hr on MED, 7hr on HI

Dimensions: 27" x 13" x 15.8"

Weight: 19.8 lbs