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Why We Like It

The FitZip waist pack is so stretchable you will not believe how much you can carry! Expandable storage is the name of this game. The stretchable material allows you to bring all your essentials, hands-free, when you’re out and about. Keys, money, phone, credit and I.D. cards, snacks – it even fits a full-sized water bottle! 


The water-resistant lining ensures your valuables are protected – rain, shining, or sweating. The inconspicuous elastic belt adjusts to fit most. And the flush-shut zipper feels smooth, stays shut tight, and provides a reflective surface to on-coming lights. The elastic belt has a sturdy snap closure; the FitZip adjusts from about 27 to 40 inches. Pouch is approximately 11.5 x 1.5 inches when empty.

FitZip Waist Pack Reviews