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Why We Like It

Insanely light and compact, the FlatPak Toiletry Bottles are the handiest travel accessory you didn't realize you were missing. Not only are they easy to fill and take up the tiniest amount of space in your pack, but they get even more compact as you use up the contents - unlike traditional travel bottles.


FlatPak™ Toiletry Bottles are designed for minimalist travel and ultralight pursuits. 5 Times lighter and 3.5 times more compact than traditional silicone travel bottles, they only take up as much space as their contents. Fill with anything from soap to sunscreen. TSA approved.

11.5 grams
3oz (90ml) volume
Available in a 1-pack or a 3-pack

Technical Specs:
TSA approved
5X lighter*
3.5X more compact**
Large fill opening
Waterproof fabric
Snap loop with write-in contents indication
Holds liquids, gels, and pastes