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Why We Like It

This kit's namesake kinda says it all - the survival expert is all about being smart and prepared to take care of yourself when faced with challenges in the outdoors. The Basic Kit is perfect for keeping in your pack, your car, or your bug-out-bag for any unforeseen issues that may come your way.


This 8 piece emergency kit features the essentials for challenging situations: whistle, fire starter, knife, emergency cord, rescue instructions, and more. Stay prepared. Stay alive.

Product Features:

  •     8 Piece Kit
    • Waterproof Bag
    • Sewing Kit
    • Gerber® Mini-Paraframe™ Knife
    • Emergency Whistle
    • Fire Starter
    • Snare Wire
    • Emergency Cord - 121 inches
    • Cotton Ball - Fire Tinder
  • Sheath Dimensions: 7.0’’ x 5.0’’
  • Overall Weight: 4.2 oz.

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