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Why We Like It

Eliminate that mid-afternoon mental fog, improve focus and mental clarity, have more energy, increase stamina, and boost your immune system. HANAH ONE provides a sustainable, slow burn of energy with effects that last and build over time. The 30 herbs in HANAH ONE each have a role of their own, but more importantly, they are working together to deliver maximum results. The benefits of these herbs, adaptogens and nootropics have been well documented and proven over thousands of years. 

Establishing a daily routine is key to achieving optimal health, and HANAH ONE is the perfect addition to yours. Whether taken in the morning, midday or evening, HANAH ONE is ideal if you are looking to stay healthy this winter, improve focus and mental clarity or enhance physical performance. Each Go-Pack contains the same blend of 30 wild-harvested botanicals that are in our HANAH ONE jar.


“HANAH ONE is the single product I take every day whether for a long day in the office or on a big mountain day… I feel the results; improved focus, energy, stamina and recovery. Not to mention I haven’t been sick once in the last two years, which is a small miracle given my work and travel schedule.” --  Jimmy Chin, professional climber, photographer, and Academy Award-winning film director for Free Solo featuring Alex Honnold

  • Increase energy and stamina 
  • Improve focus and mental clarity
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Improve digestion 


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