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Why We Like It

This organic salve has a loyal following amongst the rock climbing community for a reason - it moisturizes and promotes healing without softening the calluses your climb requires.  Created with a blend of essential oils freshly extracted from the finest organic herbs, this skin-healer is effective in treating flappers, gobis, blown tips, scrapes, cuts and abrasions -- because a healhty callus is your body's own natural protection.



  • No added scents
  • No skin softeners
  • Lush moisturizers - Fast relief from drying gym chalk.
  • Powerful healing - Make every training day count!

After Climbing:

  1. Wash with soap & water - clean skin heals faster!
  2. Clip or remove any dead torn skin.
  3. Groom calluses - Use a pumice stone to thin out thick spots.
  4. Rinse hands with alcohol (rubbing alcohol, not bourbon) to clean the micro-cuts, and dry and harden the skin.
  5. Liberally apply Joshua Tree Salve... reapply throughout the evening.

Climbing Salve 15ml Reviews