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Why We Like It

When the going gets hot—Grandpa goes grilling. Don’t limit yourself to sausages and marshmallows, your new FireGrill can cook anything from veggies to fresh fish straight from the river. Oh, and don’t forget about dessert (PRO HINT: Honey Stinger waffle + chocolate + marshmallow + FireGrill = delicious s’maffle goodness.


Grandpa's FireGrill is a great way to enhance your experience. Now it´s easy to cook your freshly caught fish packed with lemon slices and herbs.

  • Adjustable height for use with most food. 
  • Collapsible for easy storage. 
  • The wire mechanism attaches the grill securely to a stick and it can be locked in place when folded out and used as a gridiron. 
  • No need to cut fresh branches-attaches to practically any stick.  

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