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Why We Like It

This little power pack has your back - whether you're charging your GoPro to capture the action or keeping your phone ready to go in case of emergency. It's an awesome item to bring along for outdoor excursions or travel, but it's definitely made its way into the daily commuter bags of the Cairn Crew. The built-in lantern is an added bonus! 


The perfect companion for anyone who can't have their mobile devices dying on them. It packs enough power to keep your gadgets charged for days yet is small enough to carry around in your pocket. Plus, it has a crazy bright built-in lantern that can last 30+ hours. Take that, long winter nights!  It's also the perfect companion for lighting up your PowerPractical Luminoodle!

Portable Power: 4400 mAh portable battery pack with 2A USB output to charge any USB mobile device

LED Lantern: Built-in high-power 4 LED lantern

Compact: Small, lightweight, and fits in your palm like a boss

Lithium 4400 Reviews