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Why We Like It

Wildsam guides weave together personal stories and trusted intel. This is how to go deep into a place. To understand it like you’ve lived there. Not only will these guides inspire future adventures, but they're also beautiful works of art and a joy to read.


They are America’s shared inheritance. A reminder that this country belongs to the people. They are our best idea, an enduring connection to wild places as free as the air. Where we “wash our spirits clean,” as John Muir wrote. Simply put, America’s national parks summon us to the pursuit of happiness. The National Parks series from Wildsam is a celebration of these beautiful lands and their continued preservation.

Inside each National Parks Guide:

  • Trusted intel on trip planning, geography, culture, history and key issues
  • Archival newsclippings, historical timelines, original essays and fascinating trivia that tell the story behind the vistas
  • Interviews with backcountry experts, rangers, scientists, Native leaders, outfitters and artists
  • Adventures and itineraries deep into the park and across the surrounding lands