Why We Like It

You’ll be ready for an impromptu picnic or relaxation session anywhere, anytime with your new Pocket Blanket 2.0. This pocket-sized wonder includes sneaky technical features: built-in corner stakes, weighted corners, sand pockets, and an integrated pattern for easy re-packing. Plus, it’s made from a water and puncture resistant HyperLyte Nylon; so it’s durable and can act as a rain cover in a pinch! Toss your Pocket Blanket in your pack, stroller, glove compartment, or (duh) pocket and you’ll always have an easy spot for lingering longer.



  • 3.8 oz (108 g)  
  • 63 X 44 in (160 X 110 cm)   


  • Fits 2-4 adults 
  • Pattern included for easy re-packing     
  • Built-in corner stakes 
  • Weighted corners & sand pockets for windy days 
  • HyperLyte Nylon; water/puncture resistant 
  • Integrated storage pouch 
  • Two colors: Original Red, Alpine Green