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Why We Like It

Handmade in small batches, this beeswax-based lip balm is ideal for soothing and moisturizing your lips after a long day outdoors. It’s made using the highest quality, carefully sourced ingredients including Pacific NW beeswax and Oregon peppermint essential oil.


Our all-natural ingredients will make your lips sing: local Pacific NW beeswax, organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, organic California extra virgin olive oil, Oregon peppermint essential oil.

Founded by an adventurous couple with a passion for urban beekeeping, the folks at Portland Bee Balm work to minimize their negative impact and maximize the positive effect they have on the environment and people. From the ingredients they source, to the packaging they use, to their interactions with their customers, they strive to be a business that supports the health and well-being of the environment, their community, and, of course, bees and their keepers.

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