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Why We Like It

Don't let all of that body heat escape from your noggin! This low-profile, water-shedding beanie is super versatile - wear it alone, under a hood, or under your helmet. It'll keep your head warm and dry wherever a chilly adventure takes you.


A water-shedding beanie? Indeed. It’s incredibly warm too. Made from SURFACE HARDENED™ Thermal Wool, the Thermal Beanie is an essential for a chilly day in the high country.

Kill that under-helmet draft on a downhill day. Or wear the Liner Beanie as a stand-along on aerobic bluebird days. Made from DUAL SURFACE™ Precision Blended Wool, the Liner Beanie is built for comfort and longevity.

Made in the USA.


Think of them as Small (Low Volume) and Large (High Volume). There is about 1” difference between the sizes in both depth and band circumference.

  • Low Volume: Band Circumference < 22 ¼”, Height 8”, Hat Size < 7 1/8”
  • High Volume: Band Circumference > 22 5/8”, Height 9”, Hat Size > 7 1/4”


  • SURFACE HARDENED™ Thermal Wool Technology
  • Fabric Weight: 240 g/m2
  • Garment Weight: High Volume = 40 g (0 lb. 1.4 oz.)
  • DUAL SURFACE™ Precision Blended Wool Technology
  • Fabric Weight: 185g/m2
  • Garment Weight: High Volume = 28 g (0 lb. 1 oz.)