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Why We Like It

This high-quality wool-based gaiter is a key accessory, especially this winter. Its versatility knows no bounds. From keeping your neck and face warm to functioning as a mask when required, you'll appreciate the natural filtering, durability, and breathability that wool brings to the table.


Built from Precision Blended Wool technologies, this wool-based gaiter is the ultimate accessory for taking on whatever the day brings. Wear it up to tuck away from the elements or wherever masks are required, down around the neck when it needs to disappear, or quickly twist it up for a beanie on the go. 

  • Patterned fit disappears when down, yet stays snug in place when up
  • Soft, inherently filtering wool provides the ultimate combination of protection, breathability, and comfort
  • Proprietary dual-layer construction moves moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable both indoors and out.
  • Durable Water Repellent Finish (DWR) sheds precipitation with ease
  • Machine washable for day-after-day cleaning and use
  • Made in the USA