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Why We Like It

Enjoy pure, clean water without the hassle or slow waiting time. The RapidPure Trail Blazer gravity purifier doesn't need batteries, priming, pumping or special maintenance—all it needs is gravity!



  • Incredibly fast flow rate of 4.1 liters per minute
  • Trail Blazer purifier removes up to 99.9999% of pathogens, including bacteria, protozoa, cysts, chemicals and viruses
  • RapidPure features activated carbons that instantly remove odors and improve taste
  • Reusable water filter exceeds EPS standards for purifying 125 gallons of water
  • RapidPure uses UltraCeram electroadsorption technology to remove pathogens 100 times smaller than those caught by 0.2-micron hollow-fiber filters

RapidPure Trail Blazer Gravity Purifier Reviews