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Why We Like It

Wildsam guides weave together personal stories and trusted intel. This is how to go deep into a place. To understand it like you’ve lived there. Not only will these guides inspire future adventures, but they're also beautiful works of art and a joy to read.


With Wildsam Road Trip Guides, take unforgettable journeys through beautiful, iconic landscapes. Each guide provides you unique insights into a region, as told by bold personalities that live there. From local stories to travel intel and modern lore...the type of special information you may normally only get to hear by eavesdropping on locals' conversations.

Wildsam guides shed light on the lesser known, the complex, the real things, through this series of American field guides. Through the guides, they document a place through its stories. The road trip series explores via prose and personalities, mixing together historical anecdotes, local interviews, literary memoir and hand-drawn maps, all in service of a deep understanding of place. The guides also offer a highly curated list of recommendations, the kind of smart list a close friend might offer.