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Running Rewired

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Running Rewired

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Dicharry's Running Rewired combines the best of real-world coaching and a physical therapy approach to strength and mobility for better running. You'll find your personal best running form and become a faster, more durable runner.


At camp, traveling, or anywhere you can curl up with a good book.

About This Product

Dicharry distills cutting-edge biomechanical research into 15 workouts any runner can slot into their training program to begin seeing real results in about 6 weeks. \n \nFor better or worse, your body drives your running form. Running Rewired will show you how to shed old injuries, mobility problems, weaknesses and imbalances and rewire your body-brain movement patterns. You'll rebuild your movement and transform your running within one season. Through his work with athletes at REP Lab and top university sports performance clinics, Dicharry has found that strength training alone is inadequate for runners. To develop the four essential movement skills required for faster, safer running, runners must practice better movement as they build strength.


Written By
Jay Dicharry

Paperback, full-color interior with over 500 photographs and illustrations throughout


  • Size: 7.5" x 9.5"
  • Pages: 264 pp.
  • ISBN: 9781937715755
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