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Why We Like It

What the heck is Ch'arki? It's the name derived from the Quechuan language of the Peruvian lncan Empire to describe the process of preserving meat in Pre Columbian days. So, it's basically jerky. But this is no ordinary jerky, trust us. Made of the finest cuts of lamb, this high protein, low fat, amazingly delicious jerky will satisfy your grumbling belly and fuel your day outside.


Lamb meat is a great fit for healthy diets because lamb naturally contains many essential nutrients. On average, lamb is an excellent source of protein, vitamin B12, niacin, zinc, and selenium, and a good source of iron and riboflavin. All of this with an average of 175 calories per 3 ounce serving.

Ranchline gourmet Ch'arki is exquisite! Lamb is rich in protein and low in fat. It is packed with nutrients needed for a healthy diet. With no added MSG or nitrates our Ch'arki is hard to beat!

  • Gluten Free
  • High Protein
  • Low Fat
  • Low Calorie

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