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The Triathlete's Guide to Mental Training

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The Triathlete's Guide to Mental Training

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The Triathleteƕs Guide to Mental Training will help multisport athletes identify and overcome the psychological barriers that the mind places on athletic ability with practical information and skills that will ultimately lead to better performance.


At camp, traveling, or anywhere you can curl up with a good book.

About This Product

Triathlon is certainly physically demanding, but most triathletes would agree that it is the mental aspects that determine whether or not they achieve their competitive goals. Internationally recognized psychologist and Ironman triathlete Jim Taylor, PhD, and former professional triathlete Terri Schneider give multisport athletes in-depth, yet practical information and skills they can use to master the challenges of the mind while increasing their enjoyment of the sport.

Triathletes will first assess their psychological strengths and weaknesses, and then learn about the six mental factors that most affect triathlon performance: motivation, confidence, intensity, focus, emotions, and pain. Taylor and Schneider also reveal essential tools for training and racing, such as routines, mental imagery, goal setting, and valuable insight from the world's best triathletes.


Written By
Jim Taylor, PhD

Paperback with tables and worksheets throughout


  • Size: 6" x 9"
  • Pages: 296 pp.
  • ISBN: 9781931382700
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