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The Triathlete's Training Diary, 2nd Ed.

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The Triathlete's Training Diary, 2nd Ed.

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High-performing athletes know that a training diary is an invaluable tool. Whether they work with a coach or train independently, even elite triathletes keep a training log to hone their feel for performance, consolidate training data in one location, track their progress, monitor for injuries and overtraining, and reshape their goals throughout the season. What gets measured gets managed. Add The Triathlete's Training Diary to your program and you'll unlock valuable insights that can help you improve in your sport.


At camp, traveling, or anywhere you can curl up with a good book.

About This Product

With undated pages for use any time of the year, this diary offers plenty of space for all the objective and subjective performance metrics you might want to track in a smart format that's been carefully designed, tested, and refined by Joe Friel, the top coach in the sport of triathlon.

The Triathlete's Training Diary is wirebound to lay flat and flips easily so you can look up past workouts or settle your pre-race nerves by proving to yourself that you've done the work. This paper workout log is simple to use, never requires a login or password, and can be completely customized to meet your needs for any triathlon training schedule. This physical record of your workouts will reveal insights that don't display on an online dashboard.


Written By
Joe Friel

Spiral bound with concealed wire


  • Size: 5" x 9"
  • Pages: 272 pp.
  • ISBN: 9781937715632
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