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Why We Like It

This lightweight chalk bag, designed and tested by climbers, provides a magical chalking experience with its signature fluffy lining that holds down your dust. Plus, you'll be able to keep your mind on your climbing route, not on your belongings, with a zippered pocket that will ensure your ID and keys are safely stowed away.


Product Features:

  • Made with super light weight and durable materials
  • Only 2.12 ounces, approximately 40% lighter than the average chalk bag
  • Superior closing mechanism to prevent chalk from spilling when not in use
  • Our signature zippered pocket on the front, to keep your small items, such as money, ID, ring, key with you while climbing
  • Dimensions of 6" height and 5" bag opening
  • Our signature fur-like soft fleece inner lining to hold down more chalk dust
  • Includes adjustable slim waist belt
  • Brush holder

Basique v2 Chalk Bag Reviews