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Yoga Towel

Yune Yoga

Yoga Towel

Yune Yoga

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This easy-to-clean, slip-free towel was made for yoga (thus the name) but is an ideal fit for any floor fitness routine - pilates, stretching, body weight, and more.


Wherever our workout is happening - at home, at a gym, or in the great outdoors.

About This Product

Whether you're working out at home or in an outdoor setting, this towel helps you maintain a clean and comfortable foundation so that you can focus on your movement, not what's on the ground.


Slip-Free: 100% microfiber with slip-resistant silicon on the undersides creates a stable and consistent foundation. 

Ultra-Absorbent: This towel is super soft, ultra-absorbent microfiber to keep you dry during even your sweatiest sessions.

A Hygienic Practice, Anywhere:  Do you find it annoying to carry your yoga mat around? Worry not! Bring your personal yoga towel to class and or your fitness location choice and place it on the studio yoga mat (or ground). This will lessen your load and you can enjoy your session on a hygienic surface.

Machine Washable Yoga Towel
Easy to maintain, wash your towel just like the rest of your laundry in a machine and tumble dry.


Measures 24 in x 72 in x 1/4 in
All towels are 100% Microfiber with slip-resistant silicon on the undersides.
Machine washable and dryer dryable.
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